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Elegance Collection

Your wedding day is a symphony of love, whispered vows, and shared dreams. So, it deserves nothing less than an opulent canvas. Our Elegance Collection paints your moments in hues of authenticity, grandeur, and everlasting beauty.

Key Features:

  • 12 Hours of Coverage: From the early preparations to your dances and tender kisses, we’ll be your silent witnesses. Every stolen glance, every tear, every bit of laughter—captured for eternity.

  • 900+ Edited Photos: Each frame is a testament to your love. The stolen kisses, the shared glances—they’ll linger forever.

  • Authentic Moments: Whether it’s the delicate touch of lace or the grandeur of your first dance, we’ll curate your memories with bespoke artistry.

  • Second Photographer Service: Our duo of lenses ensures no angle escapes our gaze. Every heartbeat, every secret smile—we’ll immortalize them all.

  • Edited 4k Video Reel: Elevate your memories with motion. Relive the vows, the twirls, and the whispered promises.

  • Heirloom Lay Flat Hardcover Album: A 14x10 masterpiece, bound in time. Your love story etched on every page.

Cherish the Journey: Your wedding day isn’t just a celebration; it’s a legacy. Let us weave your love into art, so you can relive this day for generations to come.

Contact us today to discuss how we can make your wedding day an eternal symphony of elegance and grace.

Please note that all our wedding collections include a complimentary outdoor Engagement photo session and a framed enlargement of your favourite image to display at your reception.

Starting from C$5995


Elegance Gallery

Ideally suited for:
~12 hours
120+ guests
up to 3 venues
~900 images

Extended Preparations  |  Ceremony  |  Family & Friends  |  Extended Intimate Sessions   |  Full Reception

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